Custom Masks

Size Guide

Custom masks are the perfect promotional piece cause... you can’t not look!

General Mask Information:

  • 3 ply
  • Each mask includes one PM2.5 filter
  • Adjustable ear straps
  • We recommend washing before first use and after each use

Custom Information: 

  • Pricing for our classic mask and our low-cut Glasses Mask: Starting price $5.50, reduced price with larger quantities.
  • Pricing for our Transparent Mask (masks with a clear plastic front): Starting price $6.00, reduced price with larger quantities.
  • Bulk orders
  • Can order multiple sizes (XS-XL)
  • Logo can be on the side or center of the mask
  • Logo embroidered or screen printed in multi-color
  • Will receive a digital sample
  • Turn-around time is 3.5 weeks

This product is not a medical device or personal protective equipment (PPE). It is not a substitute for social distancing and hygiene guidelines. Follow the latest advice of the CDC and your healthcare provider.

For additional questions or to place an order, please contact us at

Or call us at 718-757-6659

For a full gallery of our custom masks, check out our Instagram page: @custom_masks_byikippah

View some of our custom masks in the gallery below: 

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Size Chart



Dome Shape


Diameter (cm across top)

Size 1

18 cm

Size 2

19 cm

Size 3

20 cm

Size 4

21 cm

Size 5

21.7 cm

Size 6

22.6 cm

Size 7

24 cm

Size 8

25 cm

Size 9

25.5 cm

Flat Shape

Flat 16

16 cm

Flat 18

18 cm

Flat 20

20 cm

Flat 22

22 cm

Flat/dome comparison (approx)

Flat 16

Size 2/3

Flat 18

Size 3/4

Flat 20

Size 4/5

Flat 22

Size 5/6

*How to measure: Use a soft measuring tape to measure the area of the head where the iKIPPAH will be placed. Compare that measurement to the size chart and choose the right iKIPPAH for you!


*Inches to centimeter conversion rate:

1 in = 2.64 cm


*All sizes are approximate measurements of our cotton iKIPPAHs. Sizes may vary according to material. Size down with linen.



SIZE  WIDTH CM (Side to Side) TOP TO BOTTOM CM (Curved)
XS 9.5*2     12