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About Us

Stylish sisters-in-law Sarale and Dina Seewald always had fun sharing notes on dressing their kids. Sarale’s three boys sported adorable matching outfits — fun prints, and fully accessorized for added flair — whilst Dina’s little guy was “mom’s fashion project” not any less than his three sisters. Both fashionistas themselves, the moms had fun adorning their children’s outfits with layers of color, texture — with individuality. But for their boys… something was amiss. A picturesque ensemble, yet one mandatory outfit detail desperately needed some pizazz. It was a Jewish boy’s wardrobe staple, an “accessory” that always got relegated to a boring side note: the kippah.
Together, the busy and business-savvy Brooklyn moms got thinking: what if they could create a line of kippahs with the originality, spunk, and style that the age-old Jewish custom had yet to behold?
As it turned out, other Jewish moms were yearning for youthful kippahs too. When Sarale and Dina casually introduced their first creations on social media, the iKIPPAH Facebook page grew to 1,000 followers overnight. Since then, the kippah-designers have been busy adorning “heads” with their beautiful, affordable and well-made designs. Their expansive collection features a plethora of both beautiful basics rich in color and texture, and energetic prints, alive with trending stripes, plaids, houndstooth and more. Since iKIPPAH has arrived on the scene, parents, kids and jewish celebrities around the world are wearing a different kippah to match every outfit, every event, every season — even every mood.
Since the official launch of iKIPPAH in 2014, they have sold tens of thousands of kippahs internationally, in venues ranging from designer (think posh kids boutiques) to convenience (think supermarket checkouts). Moreover, they’ve embraced the exciting demand for their kippahs by taking custom bulk orders for shuls, weddings, schools and parties—all the while staying true to the “i” in their name by customizing kippahs in any shape, color, fabric, pattern and size.
iKIPPAHs are now the go-to statement-making focus for dressing men and boys of all ages. And it’s not just the adults who are excited: young boys love choosing and matching from their growing collection. Indeed, yarmulkes are once again not just atop their heads, but also on their minds. In this way, the “iKIPPAH frenzy” is truly a trend of spiritual substance: reminding today’s young boys that they can have G-d on their minds…with a hop in their step.
Finally, Kippahs that are Keepers.