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December 19, 2019 1 min read

Light up your Chanukah with iKIPPAH!

I love Chanukah.

The smell of freshly made doughnuts and sizzling latkes takes me back to childhood memories of family time, laughter and gifts. I always looked forward to gifts from my parents on the first night, grandparents on the second and Treal Chanukah gelt on the fifth night. This year, I look forward to gifting my husband, children, nieces and nephews (why is there no collective word for nieces and nephews?). I got my nieces L.O.L dolls and the boys in the family get kippahs, of course! 

Here are my top picks:

Frosted Doughnuts

Enjoy this delicious treat right up on your head! Created in mind for the doughnut enthusiast and of course, to brighten up your Chanukah!  These multi-colored frosted pastries are falling down the classic black background.


Celebrate the festival of lights with our Chanukah iKIPPAH Collection! This kippah will brighten up any day of Chanukah with its green and blue menorahs with golden lights on a black background.

Happy Chanukah

This kippah will add light to any day of Chanukah with its menorahs, oil, dreidels, latkes, gifts, and more! 

To see our full line of Chanukah Kippahs click here!

Happy Chanukah from my family to yours!