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Jewish Style

Kippahs that are keepers

Wiki Kippah!

Wiki Kippah!

February 28, 2019

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Is a Yamaka a Yarmulke?

Is a Yamaka a Yarmulke?

April 13, 2018

A boy laughing while sitting on a grey couch wearing a red iKIPPAH.


We are fine with saying that we design and make kippa, skull caps, kippot, yarmulkes AND yamakas!!

They are ALL iKIPPAHS!!

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How To Start An iKIPPAH Yarmulke Collection

How To Start An iKIPPAH Yarmulke Collection

January 15, 2018

We are now moving into another year of iKIPPAH. Last year we came out with so many unique designs, and made a lot of new friends – folks buying one AND folks buying many to add to their yarmulke collection.

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Black iKIPPAH brand yarmulke with bright red allergy alert patch to tell everyone about your kids allergies.

Kid’s Allergies - How To Make Everyone Aware

September 05, 2017

Black iKIPPAH brand yarmulke with a bright red allergy alert patch.

We thought about what we could do to help parents, caretakers, other kids and the general public know immediately what a person with allergies should avoid, and what triggered the allergic reaction in the first place if it’s already happening, and symptoms are experienced.

That’s why we designed the Allergy Alert iKIPPAH.

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A bright orange iKIPPAH brand yarmulke with black planes on it.

Back to School Clothes Shopping for Kids

August 04, 2017

iKIPPAH brand black yarmulke with a genius mathematical formulas and colorful symbols.

Do you hear the ‘ring’?

Those old school bells are ready to sound. As summer winds down, parents and kids start getting ready for the new school year.

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Baseball iKIPPAH brand yarmulke for a themed bar mitzvah.

The Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah Party

July 18, 2017

An iKIPPAH brand yarmulke with a number of fun, yellow emoji on it.

A bar mitzvah is without a doubt one of the most joyous events anyone will experience. Many times it is done at the same scale as a wedding. Similar to a wedding, it has the ceremonial part, followed directly afterwards by a big party. Food, music and dancing with family and friends, celebrating the coming of age of a young man or woman. It’s their special day – a once in a lifetime milestone. An event to always remember!

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Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs

June 14, 2017

Two boys in strip sweaters sitting and making funny faces while wearing blue iKIPPAH brand yarmulkes.

It’s exciting to see two dedicated and creative women start a brand new endeavor - and achieve success greater than even imagined. As with many ventures, the idea for iKIPPAH came out of a personal desire for something that was not previously available - kippahs that reflected the uniqueness of their own children. Sisters-in-law Sarale and Dina Seewald from Brooklyn were driven to become entrepreneurs and create a new line of kippahs that were not just boring accessories. They knew that children, teens and men may desire to be traditional and wear a yarmulke, but they also want to coordinate their kippah with their own personality and wardrobe.

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