January 26, 2020

Keep on that kippah and play ball!

My boys love sports. All sports. Sports on their linen, sports on the pajamas and sports posters around their rooms. 

They ran into a problem. A BIG LEAGUE problem. Their kippot were falling off as they were running to home base.

I knew that our kippot needed to top off their slam dunks. How was I going to create kippot that would hug their yiddeshe kups?

My partner and I diligently worked with our design team to create a dome and flat shape that mimics the shape of the head with slit for a clip for extra support:

Check out the clip slit on the left and fabulous, fabulous round shape. 

Now when my sons play ball, they can worry about grand slams and not holding their hands on their heads!

Dribbling Drills

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Size Chart



Dome Shape


Diameter (cm across top)

Size 1

18 cm

Size 2

19 cm

Size 3

20 cm

Size 4

21 cm

Size 5

21.7 cm

Size 6

22.6 cm

Size 7

24 cm

Size 8

25 cm

Size 9

25.5 cm

Flat Shape

Flat 16

16 cm

Flat 18

18 cm

Flat 20

20 cm

Flat 22

22 cm

Flat/dome comparison (approx)

Flat 16

Size 2/3

Flat 18

Size 3/4

Flat 20

Size 4/5

Flat 22

Size 5/6

*How to measure: Use a soft measuring tape to measure the area of the head where the iKIPPAH will be placed. Compare that measurement to the size chart and choose the right iKIPPAH for you!


*Inches to centimeter conversion rate:

1 in = 2.64 cm


*All sizes are approximate measurements of our cotton iKIPPAHs. Sizes may vary according to material. Size down with linen.



SIZE  WIDTH CM (Side to Side) TOP TO BOTTOM CM (Curved)
XS 9.5*2     12