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November 12, 2019 2 min read

iKIPPAHs at work

Today we had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Dovber Hecht of Harbor UCLA. He shared his experience of wearing an iKIPPAH as a medical student and as a doctor.

iKIPPAH (i), Dr. Hecht (D)

i: Thank you for joining us. Tell us a bit about yourself.

D: I grew up Chabad and went through the Yeshiva system. I became a Rabbi and then decided that I wanted to help people both spiritually and physically. I went to undergrad and then medical school at Temple University. 

i: What was it like wearing an iKIPPAH during medical school?

D: I wore a bright green iKIPPAH at the white coat ceremony and was known for it for the next four years! I proudly wore different color iKIPPAHs at school and rotations in the hospital.

White Coat Ceremony Pic

Spot the iKIPPAH in the above photo!


i: Good for you for being proud of your Jewish identity! Do your patients treat you like a doctor or a rabbi?

D: Interesting question. Most of the time my relationship with patients is like with any other doctor. Sometimes a patient will ask me for a blessing or spiritual counseling. I have conversations with co-workers about religion and science. 

i: Which iKIPPAHs do you wear now as a doctor?

D: I have the navyand black knit kippahs and I alternate between the two colors. The navy one matches my blue scrubs and the black one matches business casual wear. 

DB Grad Pic

Dr. Hecht at his medical school graduation in the black knit kippah.

i: It sounds like you are making a major impact on your hospital and are spreading Judaism wherever you go! Thank you!