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November 02, 2019

iKIPPAHs are for Men too!

We get messages all the time from Moms who share that their husbands are taking their kids' kippahs - my husband was a culprit too! :)

Some men wear the dome shape yamakas, others prefer the flat shape yamakas in linen, cotton, wool or knit. Next time you head on to to pick out yamakas for your son, don’t forget about the big guys in your life! 

Men’s Kippah

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Size Chart




Dome Shape


Diameter (cm across top)

Size 1

18 cm

Size 2

19 cm

Size 3

20 cm

Size 4

21 cm

Size 5

21.7 cm

Size 6

22.6 cm

Size 7

24 cm

Size 8

25 cm

Size 9

25.5 cm

Flat Shape

Flat 16

16 cm

Flat 18

18 cm

Flat 20

20 cm

Flat 22

22 cm

Flat/dome comparison (approx)

Flat 16

Size 2/3

Flat 18

Size 3/4

Flat 20

Size 4/5

Flat 22

Size 5/6

*How to measure: Use a soft measuring tape to measure the area of the head where the iKIPPAH will be placed. Compare that measurement to the size chart and choose the right iKIPPAH for you!


*Inches to centimeter conversion rate:

1 in = 2.64 cm


*All sizes are approximate measurements of our cotton iKIPPAHs. Sizes may vary according to material. Size down with linen.