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August 22, 2019 1 min read

Jewish Identity in an Unexpected Place

As the start of the school year approaches, Imas and Abbas search for the perfect yarmulkas or kippahs (whatever you call them!) for their little ones. The Aleph Bais kippahs are the perfect topper to school wear. It fits right in to the decor of Jewish day schools everywhere. 

Stacey, an iKIPPAH Mama, has been in touch with us regarding her son Dylan's journey as an Orthodox Jew in a public school. Dylan and his family chose a public school near his home where his education needs would be met. Stacey was concerned about Dylan's sense of Jewish identity out of the Jewish school system. On the first day of school, Dylan entered an unfamiliar school building feeling different and alone. As he walked into his first class, a child shouted "Hey! the Aleph Bet!" Dylan's face lit up. He wasn't alone. 

Since then, Dylan has been able to strengthen his Jewish identity. He enjoys wearing different kippot for different occasions. For example, he wears the Paint Splatter iKIPPAH to art class and the Periodic Table iKIPPAH to the science fair. 

We have the privilege of being in touch with multiple customers in a similar predicament. A family member wore his iKIPPAHs through four years of medical school and another wore it throughout a public high school. We are so fortunate to be apart of these journeys.