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September 23, 2019 1 min read

Happy first day of Fall! 

Let’s talk Fall styling! My go to look is a pair of slim fit pants, a fitted shirt or cozy sweater and some fabulous booties. When my son lets me choose which yamaka he’s going to wear that day (relatable?😂). I always choose a yarmulke that goes well with his coloring and matches or contrasts the outfit. Here are some examples: 

Rose Kippah

In the above photo, he is adorned in a shirt and pants from H&M and our Rose kippa. 

Burgundy Leather Kippah

Here, the little stud in our Burgundy Leather kippa. He has a darker complexion, which looks fabulous in Fall colors - like burgundy, of course - and an amazing rust/cream sweater from Bella Kids New York. 

Have some styling tips? Let us know your styling secrets in the comment section below!