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August 04, 2017 3 min read

A unique iKIPPAH brand yarmulke called 'typography' with colorful letters & numbers in the pattern of the fabric.

Do you hear the ‘ring’?

Those old school bells are ready to sound. As summer winds down, parents and kids start getting ready for the new school year.

It’s always a time of reinvention because students are another year older and ready for new challenges. New subjects, athletics, school clubs, teachers – sometimes even a new school and new friends! It’s all part of growing up. And a big part of growing up is a kid having an increased awareness, and input, on how THEY want to look.

Shopping for school clothes is an annual end of summer event. Moms and Dads primarily keep control of the purchases when the kids are young, but then all of a sudden, the little kid is not so little anymore. They know what is cool, what their friends are wearing, and even start to have brand awareness.

iKIPPAH is one of the brands they are probably starting to hear about!

Back To School iKIPPAHS

Kippot for kids now come in a wide variety of styles, fabrics and themes. Depending on the type of school, there are a number of desired choices. 

  • For some schools, a more formal solid dark yarmulke is the only appropriate one. There is a range of fabrics to choose from that would be appropriate for daily wear. When a kid wears one of these high quality iKIPPAHS they will feel the difference. And it’s nice for them – even within the school definitions of what they should wear – to have a variety of ones that they can wear throughout their week.

iKIPPAH offers dozens of dark kippot choices – here’s just a few:

A stylish black velvet high quality iKippah.

iKIPPAH Black Velvet Yarmulke

A stylish black cotton high quality iKippah.

iKIPPAH Black Cotton Yarmulke

A stylish black burlap high quality iKippah.

iKIPPAH Navy Burlap Yarmulke

  • For schools that allow any color kippot, often kids wear plaids to match the style of their uniform. Remember that kids are kids – and just one uniform matching yarmulke is just not enough to keep up with a kid on the go. Many parents order two or three at the start of the school year.

iKIPPAH offers lots of plaids incorporating many colors – here’s just a couple:

A stylish blue plaid high quality iKippah.

iKIPPAH Blue Prepster Plaid Yarmulke

Grey & red iKIPPAH brand yarmulke.

iKIPPAH Grey & Red Plaid Yarmulke

  • For all pre-schoolers, and in elementary and high schools that have no dress codes – every style yarmulke is an option.

iKIPPAHS cover all bases – choose a fun focus for kids, and we probably have one uniquely designed just for that:

Vibrant brown baseball bats & gloves along with a white baseball with red stitches on a dark black fabric of a Kippah.

iKIPPAH Home Run Yarmulke

A bright yellow iKIPPAH brand yarmulke with many large white numbers from one to ten.

iKIPPAH Calculated Yarmulke

Dark black Kippah with colorful exciting artist renditions of action works like 'wham' & 'bang' displayed throughout.

iKIPPAH Super Hero Yarmulke

iKIPPAH Choices Are Limitless

Kids have no boundaries! One day they are a fireman, the next day they are a rock star. They might spend an entire morning playing 3rd base for the New York Yankees and then after lunch maneuver a rocket ship around the moon.

Part of the Group OR a One of a Kind Kid

If they attend a school that has a certain dress code, or protocol, they can still wear kippot that they feel good in, ones that are comfortable, high quality, and branded as an official iKIPPAH.

For younger pre-school children - or those attending schools without dress codes or uniforms – then anything goes. Style. Fashion. Outfit coordination. A different one every day. A wearable, expandable collection that makes kid statements all day long.

Sometimes we all have to all be somewhat the same.  And other times we can go out and flaunt our individuality. Life is a balance. Part of growing up is learning exactly that.

We - at iKIPPAH - want to be your kid’s companion throughout it all. The formal days, the quiet days, the fun days, the crazy days, the sick days, the rambunctious days, the days that kids feel good about being themselves. And eventually, throughout it all - they become great adults…

…who STILL wear iKIPPAHS!