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September 05, 2017 3 min read

Black iKIPPAH brand yarmulke with bright red allergy alert patch.

Kids can sneeze from dust or particles in the air. They can get runny eyes too. Sometimes cats and dogs create that reaction. Usually moving outdoors into the fresh air - after washing off their hands and face - makes the reaction dissipate, and go away.

But these same allergens in some children can initiate symptoms much worse. Breathing issues, wheezing, coughing are more serious, and that could quickly lead to their asthma being triggered.

Food Allergies

Food allergies are additional concerns. Nuts, peanut butter, and sesame seed allergies are quite common. Wheat and dairy can also be triggers for some kids. These food products can show up in a variety of prepared dishes, especially when eating out of the house. Parents have to rely on the chef and staff at the establishment to ensure that their kids with allergies are not exposed to things they should not eat. It becomes even more difficult when the parents are not there and the child is in someone else’s care – with relatives, out with friends, at school, on a field trip, or at an event.

Insect Allergies

Creatures smaller than dogs and cats can create even worse problems. Insects, especially bees, wasps, and yellow jackets can bite and trigger a life threatening situation quickly.

Often, especially in an emergency, the young person can’t accurately remember what they are allergic to. This information can be crucial to those responding to the situation.

What can parents do to minimize the chance of anything unfortunate occurring?

The iKIPPAH Allergy Alert Yarmulke

We thought about what we could do to help parents, caretakers, other kids and the general public know immediately what a person with allergies should avoid, and what triggered the allergic reaction in the first place if it’s already happening, and symptoms are experienced.

That’s why we designed the Allergy Alert iKIPPAH.

It is NOW available on our website!

A simple flip to the inside, and all the pertinent allergy related information - specific to the individual wearing it - is clearly displayed. No more mystery. The quality designed iKIPPAH with the bright red warning patch is a yarmulke that kids love to wear. They think it’s cool. It helps keep them safe, and parents are thankful for the security of knowing that.

The Allergy Alert iKIPPAH can also spark conversation between kids about allergies. Your child will find out that they are not alone, they are certainly NOT the only one with such issues. There are a lot of similar kids with allergy concerns, and it is great for them to not feel isolated, or different.

Balance the iKIPPAH Collection

This new iKIPPAH is a great addition to the yarmulke collection. Gain a priceless sense of security for just $12.00 each.

When ordering, it can also be one of a multiple iKIPPAH order, balanced out with some more wild ones that kids really love.

They can pretend they are Super Heros:

Dark black Kippah with colorful exciting artist renditions of action works like 'wham' & 'bang' displayed throughout.


Sky blue Kippah with orange & blue planets, white stars & space ships.

Professional Baseball Players:

Vibrant brown baseball bats & gloves along with a white baseball with red stitches on a dark black fabric of a Kippah.

Or Total Geniuses:

 iKIPPAH brand black yarmulke with a genius mathematical formulars and colorful symbols.

Being a Great Parent!

Parents can choose the time and place to make allergy awareness a focus that particular day, especially when the child is out of their typical, safe environment.

We have to make our kids comfortable being themselves – for who THEY are. Every kid’s got something that is somewhat different from everyone else. And that’s OK!

We started our iKIPPAH brand because everyone is NOT the same. Be empowered to look the way YOU think is best. That’s why we offer such a variety of choices – from mellow to eccentric patterns, colors and designs. There is something for everyone, and collections are fun to curate.

If your child has allergies – this is a great addition to get ASAP.