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January 15, 2018 3 min read

We are now moving into another year of iKIPPAH. Last year we came out with so many unique designs, and made a lot of new friends – folks buying one AND folks buying many to add to their yarmulke collection. We want to always have something for everyone – lots of options – because there are formal days and fun days. Conservative days, and more outrageous days.

Because One iKIPPAH Just Isn't Enough!

Some men just have a couple of ties and wear them when they have to attend special occasions. Though that can also be true about kippot – what we have found over the past few years is that so many of our customers are building up iKIPPAH collections. There are many possibilities that span a wide range of style and appropriateness.

Let’s offer some guidance as to how to start.

Some feel it is smart – and fun – to pick our two general yarmulkes types, the two different extremes. One that is quite conservative for formal occasions and one that is a true fashion statement on a theme that you are attracted to.

Here’s some examples - how about a: Black Linen w/ Leather Rim

A black linen iKIPPAH brand yarmulke with a black leather bottom rim.

Paired with a: Flare Up

An iKIPPAH brand yarmulke that looks like flame tips in yellow, red, and orange.

You can have a classy, exquisite, basic black iKIPPAH with a rich detail of leather trim on the bottom rim. Understated style, with the highest quality of workmanship. Perfect for formal occasions.

Then add a vibrant, bright fashion statement with our Flare Up iKIPPAH. It will light up any room you enter. This yarmulke becomes an accessory to your attire, and adds a casual element of style to your day.

Now that you have kippot in two extremes, its easy and fun to choose three more that fit within the middle range!

How about these? A conservative Dark Grey Burlap:

A dark grey burlap iKIPPAH brand yarmulke.

And an attention-getting Peacock:

 A beautiful iKIPPAH brand yarmulke the looks like the color and texture of an exotic peacock.

 Or - for those who have a need to display how smart they are - a Genius Bar:

An iKIPPAH brand yarmulke that is covered with formulars & ideas that a 'genius' would like.

Now you have a wide variety of choices based on your day, your mood and your frame of mind!

Hundreds of Yarmulke Collection Choices

Our iKIPPAH mission is to make it easy for you to start and expand a kippot collection. We have designed hundreds, and continuously add more styles, colors and designs. Every week there are more to choose from.

AND – our kippot are of the best quality available! Fabric, workmanship, fit – all excellent.

And Here’s an Important Note:

You may go online and see kippot for $1.99 – but is THAT what you REALLY want to buy? We think you deserve better. The difference is so obvious. And even that minimal ‘advertised’ price is disingenuous – because almost always these other companies add exorbitant shipping and handling charges on top of that. They are also not quality design companies – they are more like distributors offering generic kippot that they get from various random sources.

Customer Service & Additional Ordering Assistance

When you enter our website – you will be offered a 10% immediate discount on your order. At the bottom right of this (and every) page – you can quickly contact us for any assistance you may need. Our customer service reps are always there to help you – and you will enjoy interacting with us.

There are many reasons why our loyal customers love shopping with iKIPPAH - we provide a whole different new approach to buying kippot!

We hope you discover us too.

Keep in Touch!

And please always remember - we are also open to any suggestions you might have. Feel free to interact with us.

(Got a crazy idea for an iKIPPAH? We’d certainly like to hear about it!)