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April 13, 2018 2 min read

Two boys being silly while wearing iKIPPAHS.


Just like calander is calendar.

And amatuer is amateur.

Misspellings sometimes have a life of their own.

According to Google – during the past 12 month period – there were:

  • 27,100 online searches for ‘yarmulke’


  • 49,500 online searches for the word ‘yamaka’

Kippa | Skull Cap | Kippot

We all know there are other words too – kippa, skull cap, kippot (the plural).

NOW we also have iKIPPAH.

We are fine with saying that we design and make kippa, skull caps, kippot, yarmulkes AND yamakas!!

They are ALL iKIPPAHS!!

Kippot for Kids, Teens AND Adults

We certainly have the more conservative fabrics, colors and design. We've got all that covered – suede, velvet, cotton – plain black or slightly patterned, or other dark colors for traditional wear. They are all of the highest quality, with consistent fit from a variety of size options, made from great fabrics.

They are all there as a key part of the iKIPPAH brand.

Moms and kids also know that we are the go-to brand for kippot that are out of the ordinary. Go from conservative to wild and trendy in a blink of the eye! Fun yarmulkes for kids of any age, themed, colored, patterned – even one called Color Me Mine – where you use included colored pens to style it just how YOU want it. Kippot based on video games, or kid friendly interests like sports, airplanes, being a genius, emojis, rocks, dirt and caterpillars, numbers, letters and shapes.

All Created by Two Moms from Brooklyn!

Moms know what they want AND they know what their kids want. That’s how our company started – with the vision of having a different, unique iKIPPAH designed and available for anything and everything that anyone desires to do!