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iKIPPAH Denim - Allergy Alert Yarmulke

Size Guide

There are a lot of kids AND adults who have allergies.

This innovative iKIPPAH can have your allergy specifics clearly displayed inside of it. Especially great for the little ones - kids at school, daycare, camp, out for the day away from parents.

If you or your children have allergies - it is wise to add this yarmulke to your collection - and have it worn on those days when that crucial information needs to be instantly available in case of an emergency situation.

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Size Chart




Dome Shape


Diameter (cm across top)

Size 1

18 cm

Size 2

19 cm

Size 3

20 cm

Size 4

21 cm

Size 5

21.7 cm

Size 6

22.6 cm

Size 7

24 cm

Size 8

25 cm

Size 9

25.5 cm

Flat Shape

Flat 16

16 cm

Flat 18

18 cm

Flat 20

20 cm

Flat 22

22 cm

Flat/dome comparison (approx)

Flat 16

Size 2/3

Flat 18

Size 3/4

Flat 20

Size 4/5

Flat 22

Size 5/6

*How to measure: Use a soft measuring tape to measure the area of the head where the iKIPPAH will be placed. Compare that measurement to the size chart and choose the right iKIPPAH for you!


*Inches to centimeter conversion rate:

1 in = 2.64 cm


*All sizes are approximate measurements of our cotton iKIPPAHs. Sizes may vary according to material. Size down with linen.